June 18, 1771

1771 June 18 (Tuesday).  To Mr. Snows to see his Wife.  To Southborough Ministers Meeting.  But met Mr. Stone overwhelmed in Trouble, going to Hardwick, his Daughter Bangs in Travel and could not be delivered.  I went to his House — Miss Judith ill: Quilla very low.  Messrs. Loring, Smith and Bridge came.  Mr. Loring prayed — dined there — Mr. Goss came — shewed us the Result of the late mutual Council at Bolton.  I read to the Ministers Mrs. Eunice Rice’s Letter to me and Confession — asked their advice.  Returned home before night.  N.B. Mr. Williams the Sadler dyed suddenly at Marlborough yesterday: And Mr. Smith goes to his Burial to Day.  I excepted against it — as in all such Cases, of Sudden Death, I cannot countenance a sudden Funeral.  Returned home in safety.  D.G.