June 12, 1771

1771 June 12 (Wednesday).  Mr. Stone dined with us and Preached my Lecture from Mat. 15.7.8.  I stopped the Church to See whether they would not choose some more Choristers.  This they agreed to, but did not proceed to do it at this Time, but would have the Congregation regarded in it and therefore would have them notifyed and join, as far as suitable, in it.  This I consented to, for Peace Sake.  I observed to them that it was however matter of Trouble to me that when I had done so much in Condescention to oblige the Congregation in the Matter of the Version, and given so much Opportunity for them to acquaint me with their Objections, if they had any to make that were of weight, yet that they Should still be disturbed when not one had come to me.  Upon this, Mr. Batherick rose and was warm — also Mr. Daniel Hardy; Shewing that they were [illegible] were uneasy, and Seemed to want that something should be done, though no body knew what.  I prevented further jarring by putting an End to the Meeting.  At Eve wrote another Letter from Mr. Morse to Mr. Boyles at Boston, about Psalm-Books.