June 10, 1771

1771 June 10 (Monday).  Mr. Ward left us.  Mr. Spring finishes the paling my fore yard, and mends one of the great Gates.  Deacon Wood carrys Letters to Messrs. John Boyles, Fleeming, etc. about Psalm Books.  P.M. I walked out to provide Oxen for a Breaking up Team.  Visit old Mrs. Kelly and Mr. Nathan Maynards Wife.  N.B. In Pursuance of a Notification for that purpose, the Subscribers for Tate and Bradys Version of the Psalms, met at Evening at the Meeting House to agree upon a Method of providing and getting from Boston, the Books.  Mr. Moses Nurse here in very great Perplexity — being Sued again, and wants me to relieve him.  I had on the 7th of this month lent him 4 Dollars.  I now Lent him 31£ old Tenor more, in all 40£ old Tenor which he promises (upon a Forfeit) to return to me by the 11th of July.