June 9, 1771

1771 June 9 (Sunday).  Read Ezek. 46.  Preached a. and p.m. on Prov. 4.23.  P.M. read 1 Tim. 5.  N.B. Was obliged to Set the Psalm my Self, in the afternoon first Singing, and for the last desired that Some one would Set a convenient Tune.  I added, that I named no body that I might not give Offence and I had been willing to do every Thing to keep Peace in this matter of Singing.  Still no body arose.  After waiting Some while, I desired Neighbour Batherick, and added “let who will be offended,” but neither did he Soon rise to do it.  At length he undertook it.  N.B. Mr. Joseph Ward of Bellingham here.  Dined — lodged — tells me he was lately burnt out.