March 17, 1771

1771 March 17 (Sunday).  Instead of Reading the Chapter in public as usual, I read before and as Text to, my Sermon the whole portion which was to have been read, viz. Ezek. 36, from the 25th v. to the End.  And formed my Exercise for this forenoon from some part of a Fast Discourse on this Passage but made some additions especially to what had not been writ out, and some application.  Administered the Lord’s supper.  [Marginal notation: Took in several into the Church, viz. the Bathericks and Mrs. Parker.]  P.M. preached on 1 Cor. 13.1.2.  Mrs. Maynard and Mrs. Parker dined here.  At Eve Dr. Owen on Spiritual mindedness.  N.B. The Church consented to send to the Ordination of Mr. Brigham, at Monadnock No. 4.  In my study read Mr. Lords Diary.  O that God would bless it to me!  It is very instructing and quicking[?] to me.