March 13, 1771

1771 March 13 (Wednesday).  It was So stormy weather and so difficult travelling that though I have Sent to Mr. Fish to come and help me to Day, yet I put my Self into the way of preparation to preach my self.  But he came and Mr. Sumner also.  They dined with me, and Mr. Fish Preached the Lecture on Ps. 27.6.  But few hearers.  N.B. Mr. Sumner, conversing about Mr. Ely, Said his Wife told him he called there in his Journey from Somers to Westborough (Mr. Sumner not being at home).  He (Mr. Ely) told Mrs. Sumner he wanted to See him for he was well acquainted with him, was at College at the same time with him; he lived in the Chamber right under him, and was his Freshman etc., etc., whereas Mr. Sumner says, he never saw him in his Life, and that he came away from College before Ely entered; and that he never lived in College before Ely entered; and that he never lived in College after he took his first Degree.  But there is a Kinsman of Mr. Sumners, of his Name, who was bred at College.  To prevent mistakes therefore Mr. Ely asked whether this Mr. Sumner did not preach and receive a Call at Stafford?  Whether his name was not Joseph?  A tall man?  etc.?  It all agreed — this was the very same.  This deserves to be Searched into.