March 6, 1771

1771 March 6 (Wednesday).  My wife went with me in our Sleigh to Northborough and in going called to see Old Mrs. Maynard who is brought into a very low state, and to Day seems to be worse.  We dined at Lt. Martyn’s.  Old Mrs. Martyn has great Trouble in one of her Eyes.  P.M. we visited at Mr. Whitneys.  I borrowed of Lt. Martyn Bailys Dictionary in large Folio, by Dr. Joseph Nicol Scott.  I Returned home by Capt. Jesse Brighams.  At Evening came to Mr. Tainter and his Wife, and brought with them Mr. Ely.  They Supped here late.  No word was Spoke of preaching till they had taken leave and gone out: But Mr. Tainter and his Wife had asked me to Dinner at their House tomorrow, and Mrs. Parkman to be with me, which invitation I could not accept of; I knew also what would be like to follow.  What Mr. Tainter broke forth with, was, that he believed Mr. Ely would deliver a Discourse at his House tomorrow afternoon.  I shewed my Displeasure and Grief at it, and at him for asking him.  Mr. Ely being at the Sleigh I went out to him and besought him not to and used a variety of Arguments with him to desist — at least to Wave the Matter for the present till we could look into the Matter and Enquire how his Character Stood, etc., etc.