February 24, 1771

1771 February 24 (Sunday).  Preached a.m. on Heb. 5.9.  P.M. Repeated in one Exercise on Ps. 91.16.  N.B. Mr. Seth Morse came to my House in the morning desirous that I would lay the matter relative to Tate and Bradys Psalms before the Church.  At Noon Deacon Bond requested the same, and said there was a Number more that desired, and he supposed expected it.  Accordingly The Church were stopped, and after first mentioning the necessity of being supplyed with Psalm Books, and that they must either confirm the old Version, or Vote for Some other: but as I had received a great Subscription to purchase Tate and Brady’s, So it was most probable that they would Choose That; therefore It was put to Vote and it passed by a great Majority.  Nay there appeared but 3 that did not vote (out of 30 present), viz. Messrs. Daniel Hardy, David Maynard and David Batherick.  The last was for having the Vote tryed again: but I chose to put the Contrary — that if any did oppose it they were desired to stand up.  But no one stood up.  Messrs. Maynard and Batherick said they Should Vote if the Congregation would fall in.  Mr. Hardy Said he did not oppose, for he knew nothing about it.  N.B. Breck came in the morning from Northborough, and tarrys over Night.