February 11, 1771

1771 February 11 (Monday).  In returning called to See Lt. Marshall Newton, Mrs. Allen, Mr. Samuel Fay and others.  Dined at home, but not till past two.  My Son Breck is gone to keep School at Northborough.  Capt. Maynard has been here and left me 100 Dollars.  He is gone to the Funeral of Capt. Ephraim Brigham.  A Letter from Dr. Joseph Joslyn, in great Affliction, requesting me to attend the Funeral of Mrs. Joslyn next Wednesday.  A Number of Gentlemen from Douglass here, viz. Capt. Hill, Messrs. Draper, Whitney and [blank] came here, having been to Marlborough to wait upon Mr. Benjamin Brigham again — but I suppose in Vain, he having given his Answer Affirmatively to the people of Monadnock.  When it was late at night came Sophy from Brookfield, accompanied accompanyed by Mr. Aaron Crosby, who lodged here.