January 1, 1771

1771 January 1 (Tuesday).  I would bless God unfeignedly for the returning Light of this Morning.  May I live to the Honour and Glory of God!  Mr. Harvey left me, but left with me Sandivogius and Paracelsus translated into English.  Mr. Stone and his Delegates return from Grafton.  Mr. Hutchinson gave a Confession.  P.M. Attended the Meeting at Mr. Jonah Warrins.  Preached on Prov. 27.1.  This Family is greatly afflicted.

January 2, 1771

1771 January 2 (Wednesday).  Mr. William Wood yesterday fell into a Tub wherein was hot Water to scald an Hog, and was Sorrowfully scall’d.  I visited him and prayed with him.  Mr. Thomas Adams of Medfield made me a Visit and lodged here.  He brought me several Books to read.  Baumgartens new Theory of human Nature and Education.  Saaldfields Philosophical Discourse of Dreams.  Sturmys plurality of worlds.  And a General Table of Europe, its present and Future state.  I was sent for to go to Mrs. Gale who is in a dangerous Fit.  The Messenger, Samuel Andrews, at 9 o’clock — went — found many Neighbours gather — her Husband gone to Weston.  Tarryed some time.  Prayed, exhorted etc.  Returned home late.

January 5, 1771

1771 January 5 (Saturday).  Mr. Adams communicated Several pieces of his.  Left his Seraphima etc. [here?] with reluctance.  He himself left us.  Breck at the Barn, making Partitions etc.  P.M. visit Mrs. Gale, who is in a most dangerous State — a Fever, added to all her other Disorders, by which She is delirious and inconversible.  Prayed by her and exhorted those about her.  Went in to See William Wood, who Seems to be in a Comfortable Way.  Proceeded to Southborough.  Mr. Stone went by me while at Gale’s — lodged at Southborough.

January 6, 1771

1771 January 6 (Sunday).  Preached at Southborough a. and p.m. on Ps. 90.9, latter clause.  Mr. James Parker with me after Meeting.  He is become a Practitioner in Physic.  He (however) prayed in my stead, in Mr. Stones Family.  Returning home I revisited Wood and Mrs. Gale being yet alive I called, prayed.  N.B. Mr. Tim. Warrin’s Company part of the Way coming home.  Mr. John Mead, he says, is come to live at his House.  I arrive home in safety.  Glory to God my preserver.  Mr. Stone preached here from Prov. 29.1.  May God bless our Endeavours!

January 7, 1771

1771 January 7 (Monday).  Breck goes to Upton for his Chest, Tools, etc.  Am engaged with Saalfelds Philosophical Discourse on the Nature of Dreams.  P.M. came Mr. Peter Whitney to see me.  Capt. Joseph Mellen from Hopkinton bears a message from Mrs. Abby, that her Husband is Dead, and she desires I would go over to the Funeral tomorrow: also Mr. Barrett that I would go so early as to visit Such of the Sick as I can.

January 8, 1771

1771 January 8 (Tuesday).  Rode to Hopkinton.  Visit Deacon Walker, who is ill again, and one of his Daughters in a languishing State.  Prayed with them — dined there.  Visit Nathan Walker, son of Mr. Thomas Walker, and prayed there.  Thence to the House of Mourning and prayed among a great Assembly.  From there I went, by repeated Desire, to see Mr. John Gibbs, who ‘tis feared, consumes.  Prayed there also.  Visit Mr. Barrett — find him still weak and feeble.  Lodge there.

January 9, 1771

1771 January 9 (Wednesday).  Return.  In my way call at Capt. Joseph Wood’s — at Mr. James Bellows’s — Dine at Mr. William Pierce’s.  Visit Cornelius Biglow, who wastes: At Mr. Daniel Hardys whose wife and Daughter are in sorrowful Circumstances.  At Mr. Jonah Warrins — This is a distressed House!  Mr. Warrin himself and Daughter in Law, as well as his Wife, are Confined by illness.  Prayed at these afflicted Houses.

January 12, 1771

1771 January 12 (Saturday).  Was called away to visit Mr. Jabez Snow junior who is in a Dangerous sickness.  Went with Mr. Abraham Beeman there.  Dr. Wilson has the Care of him, and gives me account of him.  (N.B. Mr. Stone was sent for last-night, at midnight, and came.)  I dined with them.  Prayed with the sick man.  Visit Mr. William Wood, and prayed with him, exhorting etc.  Visit Mrs. Gale, who has now her reason.  Prayed there also.  My Son Samuel came from Boston.  He hoped to have seen his Brother Breck — but he is gone, this forenoon to see William at ConcordRuth Bellows came again to work here.

January 15, 1771

1771 January 15 (Tuesday).  Visit at Neighbour Nathan Maynards, his son Nehemiah having lately been sav’d by kind providence from Death by the fall of a Tree; which Struck him down and deprived him of sense for Some time.  Went to Capt. Maynards to put him in mind of its being Time to Settle our Accounts — dined there.  I told him of Mr. Beeton’s refusing to let my workmen, whom I send to the ministerial Lot, go through his Grounds, notwithstanding I reserved that privilege etc. etc.  Visit Mr. David Maynard and his Daughter Fisk — endeavoured to discharge my Duty respecting her Fornication — read my Reasons for not reading their Note of Thanks.  Parted in peace. Visit Neighbours Pratt and Bond — to excite them to their Duty and instruct them in it.

January 16, 1771

1771 January 16 (Wednesday).  Breck came from Concord and went to Northborough brought his [illegible].  Visit old Mr. Jonah Warrin under the impairs of his Health and his Daughter in Law, Mrs. Deborah Warrin, who is sick.  Dr. Ball there.  Prayed with them.  Was at Mr. Morse’s; Mr. Springs and Deacon Woods.  Mr. Zechariah Hicks came from Boston and Cambridge and lodged here.

January 18, 1771

1771 January 18 (Friday).  Breck set out early for Rochester, on my Horse.  Deacon Wood came and brought his Kinsman Benjamin and likewise John Whitney came to assist ‘em; and killed a large Hog for me.  Mr. Daniel Forbes came and settled with me.  He brought me 22 Notes to the amount of £99.4.7 old Tenor and paid me £1:13:5 old Tenor which was in full of £500 old Tenor.  He dined with us.

January 19, 1771

1771 January 19 (Saturday).  A.M. Deacon Wood cut out and salts up my pork.  My Kinsman Bradshaw from Boston, going to Great Barrington.  Mr. John Marsh (a Young Gentleman I had not known) came here at Mr. P. Whitneys motion to help me: which I was very thankful for.  He has lately come from Mr. Forbes’s at Brookfield, and informs me that Mr. Parsons dyed on Thursday last — to be buryed next Tuesday.

January 20, 1771

1771 January 20 (Sunday).  Mr. Marsh a.m. on 1 Tim. 1. 15, “This is a faithful saying” etc.  P.M. on 1 Joh. 3.3.  He prayed before each sermon and performed in a very agreeable and graceful manner.  May God grant His almighty Blessing!  Mrs. Maynard dined with us.  At Evening Mr. Snow requesting me to visit him and Mr. Marsh offering his Horse, I rode down there, found him much lower.  Prayed with him and the distressed Family.  Mr. Andrews and his Wife accompany me in returning.

January 22, 1771

1771 January 22 (Tuesday).  Visit Mr. Biglow.  Went on Foot, across the Swamps and Meadows (in great Part); they being frozen.  Find Mr. B. on his Bed.  I think he looses ground, though he has himself a great deal of Courage and hardly thinks he is much worse.  Dined there.  I gave him the Strongest Cautions I could, along with my Instructions and pressing Exhortations — prayed with them and at taking Leave Old Mr. Biglow offered to accompany me the nearest way across.  At Eve came Mr. John Eliot, who tells me he has been preaching at Salisbury (nigh New Hopkinton) in New Hampshire.  Shews me a Call which he has received from them.  He hands me also his Papers of Approbation by Rev. Messrs. George Jewett, John Emerson, Jonathan Parsons, and George Leslie: and his Admission under the Care of the Presbytery dated at Boston.  Signed by John Morehead Moderator and [blank] Clerk.  Shews great Disgust with the Association at Brookfield and with Mr. Forbes in particular and with his wife — and is grieved about their Daughter.  He lodges here.

January 23, 1771

1771 January 23 (Wednesday).  Mr. Eliot prays in the Family.  He leaves us for Spencer.  I visit Mr. Snow — having dined at Mr. Beemans in my way.  I find Mr. Snow in an happy Frame, though much lower in Body, and expecting to die.  Prayed with him; and took solemn leave.  Went to see Mr. William Wood, but he was so far recovered as to be gone abroad.  Visit Mrs. Gale, and prayed there.

January 24, 1771

1771 January 23 (Wednesday).  Mr. Eliot prays in the Family.  He leaves us for Spencer.  I visit Mr. Snow — having dined at Mr. Beemans in my way.  I find Mr. Snow in an happy Frame, though much lower in Body, and expecting to die.  Prayed with him; and took solemn leave.  Went to see Mr. William Wood, but he was so far recovered as to be gone abroad.  Visit Mrs. Gale, and prayed there.

January 28, 1771

1771 January 28 (Monday).  Mr. Abraham Beeman comes and requests me to visit Mr. Snow again.  I went.  In my way I called to see old Mr. Mead at Mr. Timothy Warrins.  Found him insensible — he lay as in a deep Sleep.  By desire prayed by him.  When I was at Mr. Snows, conversed with him as he could bear — professes true Faith and well grounded Hope.  Prayed there, and by desire, returned to Mr. Mead, who lay insensible still.  We prayed again, his Breathing altered — and I saw him expire!  Tis conjectured in his 82d year.  He was Mr. President Lock’s great Uncle.  When I came home I found [here?] Mr. Forbes from Brookfield going to Boston to get a surgeon to extract a stone from poor pained Capt. Abbot.  Our Brother in Law Mr. William Brown of Framingham from Leicester, was with Mr. Forbes, and informs me more clearly of my Son Alexanders Disappointment in having rollin fulling Works.  They lodge here.

January 30, 1771

1771 January 30 (Wednesday).  Began to read Sturmy of Plurality of Worlds.  Could not go to Shrewsbury to preach Mr. Sumners Lecture as requested; and have writ to him of it; being obliged to attend the Funeral of Aged Mr. Mead, p.m.  At Eve marryed Mr. Joseph Green, junior to Miss Lucy Whipple.  Wrote president Locke an Account of the Death of his uncle MeadBreck still indisposed, yet works a little at the Barn: he has hung the inner Doors of the west part of the Barn.

January 31, 1771

1771 January 31 (Thursday).  Mr. Snow sends an hasty Message in the Morning.  I Left [all?] and went — but he had breath’d his last before I got there.  Prayed with the bereaved Family, and endeavoured to support and counsel them.  Breck can’t journey, but lays a floor in the back passage way into the back, east Chamber.  Marryed Peter Adams to Susanna Pratt.