November 29, 1770

1770 November 29 (Thursday).  Paid Miss Sarah for her work and she returned to Marlborough.  I got Mr. Levi Warrin to Spend what time he could to Day in looking and enquiring after my Sheep.  I rode to Hopkinton to see Mr. Barrett, who last Saturday Night was struck with the Numb Palsie.  Called at Mr. Abbys and prayed with him.  Dined at Mr. Barretts.  Carryed and returned to him, Dr. Mathers Magnalia: and borrowed of him Henry on the prophets.  Prayed with him.  Was called away to go to Deacon Jason Walker, whom I found in great Extremity of pain in his private parts through Retention of Urine etc.  Prayed with him.  Visited also Lt. John Wood’s Wife and prayed there.  N.B. Bethiah Parmenter sojourns among them.  Called at Biglows in returning — and at Warrins.  Little news of my Sheep.  Much chilled by my Evening Ride.