November 28, 1770

1770 November 28 (Wednesday).  This is the Day appointed for the Ordination of Mr. Brown at Sherbourn, and of Mr. [blank] Thayer at Paxton — but is a great Snow Storm.  May the almighty and most gracious Presence of the Great Head of the Church be with each of His servants in their Solemn Consecration — with His people in each society, and with all those who may perform, that may attend and that may be in any wise concerned therein!  May I be seriously Thoughtful of the Solemn and awful Charge which I my Self received in the Name of the Lord!  And may I remember how I have delivered the like to a Number of others, on whom I have in that sacred Action laid my Hand!  O that God would pardon my numberless Defects, and wash me in the Blood of the Lamb!  Miss Sarah Woods here still.  Mr. Daniel How, in his Delirium here though so stormy; he tarrys all night.