May 1, 1770

1770 May 1 (Tuesday).  Visit the Widow Anna Adams who is ill of a Nervous Fever.  She is Somewhat delirious.  Prayed by her.  Rode to Marlborough.  Dined at Mr. Smiths.  Mr. Stone and Mr. Steward there.  P.M. we attend the Church Meeting, by Adjournment from Feb. 26.  Mr. Stone opens it with prayer.  Mr. Alpheus Woods was there.  The Business of the Meeting was read, as it was voted last time: but Mr. Woods would not consent to the Church’s doing any thing upon the first Article (which was that he should bring in his Objections against Mr. Hezekiah Maynard) but when he was asked whether he would or not?  He replyed that he was not carefull to answer in that matter — but if the Church would let him Support his Charges against the Pastor, he was ready.  It was declared to him that the Church would freely hear him, if it were taken in its Order.  He said he would not bring in his Objections against Mr. Hezekiah Maynard — he would not do it now.  It was urged (by me) that if the first article of the Business must be dropped (by reason of Mr. Woods refusing etc.), the Church ought to proceed to the Second, viz. that he give Satisfaction for his not coming to the Lords supper.  Upon this he became Resolute, insulted the Church (he had impudently insulted me for my being there; whereas I asserted my being there by Authority and the Church renewed their Request to me by a Vote, to be there) and he flung away out, though called after and entreated one time after another, to tarry, which if he would, there would be Opportunity for him also to be heard in its Order.  The Church Seeing he had conducted at this Rate, and was gone out from them passed 2 Votes concerning him — One of which was, that Brother A. Woods had behaved with great Insult and Contempt of the Church.  The Other was, that he be Suspended from Special Ordinances till he make Christian satisfaction for this Conduct as well as for his Delinquency as to the Communion.  Then I prayed and the Meeting was dissolved.  Returned home at Eve.  Found here Mr. Loyd from Boston and before we went to Bed came William from AshbyJoseph Wood, Son of Capt. Joseph Wood of Hopkinton, came to work for me, and to fulfill six months for 75£ old Tenor.

May 2, 1770

1770 May 2 (Wednesday).  Mr. Loyd goes on his Journey to Blanford.  P.M. my Daughter Sophy goes with me to the private Meeting at Mrs. Grouts.  I preached on Prov. 16.31.  The hoary Head etc.  May God send a Blessing!  At Evening Mr. Nurse requests that a Family that were moving to Athol, might have the Shop to rest them Selves in to night.  It was one Mr. Bates, who had his Wife and Six Children — also a Young man accompanying them.  They tarry there and in the House: some of them lodging here.  Billy is also with us.

May 6, 1770

1770 May 6 (Sunday).  Read Ezek. 16 from v. 20 to v. 43.  Preached on Ps. 119.3 but carryed on my Subject on Prov. 28.13, of the 3d part of Repentance, viz. Reformation.  P.M. read Gal. 2 and Considering the present dark aspects together with the avocations I have had last week, improved with proper variation and omissions, Sermon on Ps. 46.6.

May 7, 1770

1770 May 7 (Monday).  Breck goes to Upton — agrees with Capt. Ezra Wood to work on their New Meeting House, for Six months and to lead in the Work, at 10 Dollars per month, and be found Diet, Washing and Lodging.  To have his money or a Note when the Work is done.  He returned here at Night.  I read part of Governor Hutchinsons 3d Vol. being a Collection of Original Papers etc.

May 13, 1770

1770 May 13 (Sunday).  Read Ezek. 16 from v. 44 to the End.  Layd by the Small attempts of preparations which I had made, and with a new Introduction and various Alterations delivered a. and p.m. the three first sermons on Relative Dutys — viz. The Dutys of Husbands, from Eph. 5.25 to p. 20.  P.M. Read Gal. 3.  May God accept and bless our Exercises of this Day!

May 14, 1770

1770 May 14 (Monday).  We rose early to send off Ebenezers young Cattle, which I have kept for some time for him: Mr. Newton and Thomas Bond going with Cattle to Brookfield, but though they had sent me word they Should go before Day, and we got up before half after two, and as Soon as the Cattle had eat a Small meating of Hay, Joseph hurryed away to Mr. Newtons but a little after Break of Day, yet they were gone, and gone some time, before he got there, so that he returns home with them.

May 15, 1770

1770 May 15 (Tuesday).  Mr. Jonas Bradish came at my Request, with his Instruments to review my Bounds round my Island: And to take up some Scraps of Land which border upon me.  Measure round, but he thinks there is so very little that it mayn’t be worth any ones while to.  So that I desisted till further Discovery.  P.M. I visited Mr. Ithamar Bellows and his Wife, both of them lame and confined.  Dr. Hawes accompanyed me.  Called at widow Bellows, William Johnsons, and made some Stay at Ensign Snows where we were refreshed.  Called also at Mr. Andrews’s, where I was accommodated with peculiar Seed Corn.

May 17, 1770

1770 May 17 (Thursday).  Lt. Ward and Mr. Hezekiah Taylor here with a Letter Missive for a Council at Grafton — but the Time appointed for it, being the Very Day when our Association is (God willing) to meet at our House, I must be excused.  Mr. Samuel Chase brought me from Mr. Ephraim Shearman three Quarto Pamphlets by Mr. Bollan, viz. Continued Corruption etc. (which I have already read), Free Britons Memorial; and his Supplemental Memorial.  Mr. William Campbell of Oxford, who comes from Boston, informs me of Mr. William Fairfields (his Uncle) Death.  Dr. Crosby here and brings his Transcript of Sarah Greens Case — which he Signs — and which Squire Whipple and I are to Sign.  Sell more Hay to Nathan Kenny.

May 19, 1770

1770 May 19 (Saturday).  My Son Alexander came from Sturbridge, and tells me he has intirely quitted there.  Relates his Losses by the Thief who broke open his Store, or shop; and the unsuccessful Pursuit of him.  He goes to Framingham.  N.B. Mr. Davids Lovell of Medfield was with him.  After Dinner they rode away together.  Mr. Joseph Harrington came from Boston — relates a strange story of one Mrs. Wiswall of Cambridge, who lately dyed there in an uncommon Manner.

May 22, 1770

1770 May 22 (Tuesday).  Alexander goes again to Framingham and Mr. Nurse with my Oxen and part of his own Team goes to bring up Alexanders Wife’s Goods.  P.M. towards Eve came Breck and John from Brookfield.  N.B. Mr. Abraham Wood of Sudbury came for the Associations Certificat of his Examination and Approbation, which he received from me, for Mr. Loring to Sign.  He dined here.  Taylor and Frost from Cambridge called here.

May 23, 1770

1770 May 23 (Wednesday).  Frost calls in returning.  Sent a M.S. of Mr. Lorings by him.  P.M. Elias goes with Breck to Upton to bring back the Horse.  Mr. Moore, his Wife and Child came.  At Eve Alexander and Wife and Child.  In the night Mr. Nurse with his Waggon load of Goods — and puts up his Cattle in my Barn.

May 24, 1770

1770 May 24 (Thursday).  Mr. Nurse, to the great Disappointment of my Son and Daughter, neglects to move their goods from hence.  I attended a Fast at Hopkinton at the House of Deacon Moses Haven, on account of his Wife’s Spiritual Troubles.  Mr. Barrett, Mr. Joshua Prentice, and Mr. Fish were there.  These last carryed on the forenoon Exercises.  Mr. Fish preached on Luk. 24.47.  I performed the afternoon Services.  Preached on Cant. 8.5, former part.  May God be pleased to pardon our Sins, hear our prayers and bless His holy word to us all!  Especially to the poor disconsolate Woman.  At Mr. Barretts was Capt. Morris of Hallifax.  When I returned home, found here Mr. David Hitchcock (John’s Master), his Wife and little son Pelatiah: and afterwards came Mr. Cushing and his Wife.  But Alexander and his wife and Child were gone to Leicester.  The forementioned, with Mr. Moore, his Wife and Child, made up a numerous Family.

May 25, 1770

1770 May 25 (Friday).  Mr. Hitchcock etc., leave us.  Mr. Nurse Setts off with Alexanders Goods; but makes it late — and leaves their Cow behind.  It also rains.  P.M. the Moores and Cushings ride over to Capt. Maynards.  Squire Whipple here and Signs the Transcript which Dr. Crosby left with me of Sarah Greens Case.

May 28, 1770

1770 May 28 (Monday).  Mr. Daniel Forbes pays me 50£ old Tenor.  Joseph had gone to his Fathers Saturday Eve, but now returns here.  I Set out with Mr. Breck for Boston.  Call at Mr. Stones, who is much indisposed.  Called at Coll. Buckminsters where we were well refreshed.  Dined at Mr. Woodwards.  Arrived at Boston some time before sunsetting.  Cousen Loyd kind and generous.  My Horse kept at Mr. Simonds.  Lodge at Loyds.

May 29, 1770

1770 May 29 (Tuesday).  Visit my Brother who is very ill, and ‘tis feared will not recover.  Visit Mrs. Holbrook: where I write to my Wife, of the Illness of my Brother.  Dine at Mr. McAlpine’s.  P.M. Visit my Friends.  N.B. I am exceedingly sollicited to tarry at Boston and not go to Cambridge.  I went again to my Brothers and lodged there.

May 30, 1770

1770 May 30 (Wednesday).  My Brother revives.  Bought me a Wig of Mr. John Bosson and gave him 4 Dollars for it.  My Kinsman Nathaniel accompanys me to the bottom of the Common to See an Ox which was roasting whole.  The Head, the Horns, the Tail on.  The Election Sermon was preached to the Court at Cambridge, but I was not able, without Violence, to go there, my Relatives beseeching me not to go.  A Lecture was preached in Boston by Dr. Chauncy on Ps. 22.4.  Mr. Mather prayed before sermon.  A Fine Anthem closed as a Psalm began the Exercise.  Dined in Fanuel Hall most Elegantly.  Dr. Chauncy [craved?], and (called upon by the oldest Selectman, who was as Moderator, viz. Joshua Henshaw Esq.) I returned Thanks.  There was Anthem — Liberty Song — Toasts — the Roasted Ox surrounding the Hall — Guns firing, frequent Cheers, etc.  P.M. The Convention was adjourned to tomorrow nine o’Clock, at the Grammar School House in school street.  I visited divers Friends — at Mr. Surcombs.  His Daughter is reconciled to her Husband and to her Father.  Lodged at my Brothers.

May 31, 1770

1770 May 31 (Thursday).  Attended the Convention.  Brother Breck was moderator.  Dr. Cooper preached on Rev. 12.1, last Clause.  I dined at Dr. Coopers — sat forward Subscription for the Printing the Sermon.[1]  Did not attend the Convention p.m.  My Children were going out of Town.  Mr. Forbes and his Wife, Mr. Moore and Cushing with theirs.  At Mr. Surcombs at Eve (where my Horse is now kept) and now first Saw his daughter Flagg.  Returned again to my Brothers who acquaints me with the ill Treatment he met with from our Nephews Son, Elias.  I lodged there, as I most desired.  N.B. My Son Samuel lives at Capons for half pay, or less; till better Business presents.

[1]Samuel Cooper (1725-1783; Harvard 1743), minister of the Brattle Street Church; SHG 11:192-213.  The sermon was apparently not published.