March 26, 1770

1770 March 26 (Monday).  A Dog came into my Beeton Field, which appears to be mad — is Strangely affected — acts very oddly — froths much at the mouth etc. etc.  Several Neighbours came.  Tis concluded to be Duty to Kill him.  Joseph McCulloch Shot him — then dragged him off from the Road.  P.M. Attended the Funeral of Sarah Rice, a little infirm Daughter of Mr. Edmund Rice, which dyed of the Throat Distemper: and Several more of the Children are ill.  Prayed there; and in returning by Mr. James Maynard went in to his Daughter Locks Children, one of which is very bad.  Prayed with them.  Deacon Wood accompanying me back, we called in to see Mr. Williams and prayed with him.