March 22, 1770

1770 March 22 (Thursday).  Sir Coffin (Peter of Cape Ann) here, going to Brookfield.  I rode to the Fast at Marlborough, on account of Mr. Smiths illness.  Mr. Josiah Bridge opened the Solemnity with Pertinent and fervent prayer.  Mr. Stone preached a very excellent Sermon Suitable for the Solemn Occasion, on Isa. 33.24.  P.M. Mr. Goss prayed: I preached on Phil. 2.27.  Which may God accept and Succeed!  Mr. Smith notwithstanding his Grievous Distresses was at Meeting with us a. and p.m.  At Eve I returned home, though it snowed all the Way.  Squire Whipple accompanyed me.  We called in an Neighbour Andrews to warm us: and they treated us with great Civility.