March 19, 1770

1770 March 19 (Monday).  Visit Mr. John Woods little Daughter Polly again and prayed.  Mr. Nurse brings me a Kegg of [blank] Gallons of Molasses, bought for me by Mr. John Maynard.  P.M. I rode to Mr. James Maynards to See his Daughter Lock’s Children, Nancy and Fort., who have the Throat Distemper.  I prayed there.  Visit Mr. Amasa Maynards Children, viz. Bernice, Loretta and Cloedicea, which have the Same.  Prayed there also.  Mr. Edmund Rice acquaints me with the Death of his Daughter Dolly last night, about 11 o’Clock.  When I returned home, found Mr. Forbes and with him Messrs. Fisk of Brookfield and Mr. Enos Hitchcock who preaches at Paxton.  Mr. Forbes tells us that Ebenezer has called his last Son Benjamin.  Brings the uncomfortable News of Alexanders shop being broke open while he was at Westborough etc., that he had lost about 30 yards of Cloth, and was in pursuit of the Thief who was gone into Connecticut.  A Letter also from John.  Mr. F. goes to his Sister Kendals; the other Gentlemen lodge here.