March 16, 1770

1770 March 16 (Friday).  Capt. Fay came to call me to visit his grand Daughter, Polly Wood, who is sick, tis feared, of the Throat Distemper.  And I hear of Several more that are taken with it.  Went and prayed there.  My son Cushing from Ashburnham came.  He left his wife better.  Waited on his Mother yesterday from Ashburnham to Shrewsbury.  P.M. Went to Mr. Phinehas Gleasons who burys his little son Josiah.  Prayed there.  Divers other Children in several Familys are taken sick.  Mr. Edmund Rice requests me to go to his House.  His son Edmund and Daughter Dolly are ill.  Went, prayed there.  Called to see Mr. Amasa Maynards little Bernice: and Mr. Joseph Bonds Patty.  Prayed with the last.  Mr. Daniel Forbes here at Eve and pays me £32.10 old Tenor in Cash.