March 6, 1770

1770 March 6 (Tuesday).  Dr. Hawes accommodates me and Mrs. P________ with his Sleigh (my own not coloured in the new work, yet that would not have hindered using it, but he rode hither in his and it was ready tackled) and his Horse, for Mrs. P________ was afraid either to ride with mine in the sleigh or on the Doctors single; the Doctor therefore rode mine, to the Family Meeting at Mr. Daniel Forbes’s; where I preached on Act. 13.36, former part to page 9, omitting the 5th particular in p. 7 and 8.  Which may God bless to us!  Brought home 20 lb. of Flax which Mr. Forb. bought for me of a Flax-man from Western @ 5/ per pound.