March 5, 1770

1770 March 5 (Monday).  Town Meet.  Was desired to go and pray with them which I did; and after Prayer I, from the stairs, Spoke to them, wishing the Presence of God and good Success, that they might have Wisdom and unanimity.  I gave Charge that those who were to be Sworn, would fear the Oath, and take heed to perform that Act of worship in Spirit and in Truth.  Also would observe to them the growing Evil of resorting to the Tavern and prayed they would not any more than was necessary.  I took this Opportunity, moreover, to manifest my Gratitude for their Kindness to me respecting Wood — that with what was already brought and what I had reason further to expect, I believed there would be a good sufficiency for the Year, and would render my Circumstances Comfortable, for which I offered my hearty acknowledgment to them.  Gave Notes to sundry persons that I was indebted to.


Viz. To Mr. Seth Morse for Beef and Tallow, £9.1.6 old Tenor.

To Mr. Daniel Stockwell Shooemaker, 12.2.0 Ditto.

To Solomon Batherick for Rails and thrashing, 51/ Do.