February 26, 1770

1770 February 26 (Monday).  Breck goes to Brookfield to work there.  I rode to Marlborough at Mr. Smiths and the Churchs Request to assist Mr. Smith at a Church meeting.  Dined at Mr. Smiths, with Mr. Stone and Mr. Steward.  P.M. Mr. Smith went with us to the Church meeting.  By Desire I prayed.  Mr. Alpheus Woods who was complained of and also Complainant, was there.  He was bent upon beating off and deferring the Business for this time.  And after many Debates, to gratifie Mr. Woods the Meeting was adjourned again; and according to his Desire, to the first Tuesday in May next.  Mr. Stone, Mr. Steward and I returned to Mr. Smiths: where, it being late and very Cold, I tarryed all night.