February 23, 1770

1770 February 23 (Friday).  Attended the Funeral of another of Mr. Seth Gashitts Children, about 3 years and 5 months old.  The name was Betty.  It dyed yesterday morning.  I dined at Mr. James Bowmans.  Deacon Cheney of Ashburnham here.  He informs that my Daughter Cushing is better.  He also acquaints us that there was yesterday a dreadful Riot at Boston.  The Mob besett Mr. William Jacksons House: that a Gun was shot from the House and a Lad was killed.  Upon which a Soldier rushed into the House and seized a Young man with the Gun in his Hand.  My Kinsman Elias was wont to live there: but can’t yet know whether it was he or no.  Expected Breck from Boston last night, and fear whether he is well, Since he delays his Coming.