April 28, 1769

1769 April 28 (Friday).  Mr. Ebenezer Maynard works for me.  Mr. Nurse has brought up from Mrs. Holbrook at Boston, Some Box Trees, and English Gooseberrys.  Dr. Hawes dresses Ebe’s wound.  There is no likelihood of his doing any work, of a great while.  Mrs. Ruhamah Newton here p.m. drinks Tea.  Asks me to preach at her House.  At Eve Mr. E. Maynard and I talk of his Sons sorrowful Case; and therewith the great Disappointment as to my Business.  Ebe says he has no prospect of doing my work.  Would have me hire another.  Richard Temple was in the House.  With Ebe’s free consent I proceed to Agree with Richard for four Months — to begin next Week; for 56£ old Tenor.  I am to allow him half a Day at Election, but he must be at home in season and to Observe Order.  I am not to pay him for Lectures, Fasts or Thanksgivings.  And seeing I pay him for foul weather he shall improve it as well as he can, contriving what may best be done for my Benefit.