April 13, 1769

1769 April 13 (Thursday).  Attended the Public Lecture preached by Mr. Turner of Duxbury, on 1 Tim. 1.11, those words — “the blessed God.”  Dined at Mr. Richard Salters.  P.M. Was at Mr. Quincy’s, at Mrs. Holbrooks, Procters, at Dr. Chauncys but he was not at home.  Viewed the Exercises of the Regulars in the Common.  Visit Venerable Dr. Sewal.  At Mr. Surcombs — he has had so great affliction respecting his Daughter that it Shocks him.  In the Eve at Mr. Moses Gills.  N.B. The Town is moved greatly by the Copys of a Number of Letters wrote by Governor Barnard, and one of General Gage’s.  Went down to my Brothers and lodged there.