April 6, 1769

1769 April 6 (Thursday).  Publick Fast.  Preached on Judg. and 16; and p.m. some passages selected thence.  N.B. before I went into Meeting Mr. Daniel Forb. met me and told me it was agreed that Deacon Wood Should come to me and acquaint me with the minds of a Number that had been together and that they were against having a Contribution.  Nay, Says he, Deacon himself is against it.  Mr. Batherick being by, and hearing this from Forb.  I bid him take Notice of it.  Now although the Deacon was with me on Wednesday, and Said that Mr. F. had been at his House, yet he Said nothing of his being appointed to come in their name to me.  Before I went up into the Pulpit, I acquainted the Deacon and asked him whether he had rather I would put it by? And he said that Since Things were so, he had.  Accordingly after the Exercise, at noon I told the people it was waved, at least for the present.  But after the last Exercise, I desired those who were for the Contribution to carry, whether money or what they could best Communicate, to one or Other of the Deacons.  Dr. Hawes dressed Ebbe’s wound yesterday p.m. and to Day a.m.