April 3, 1769

1769 April 3 (Monday).  Alexander left us very early to return to SturbridgeEbenezer Maynard junior comes to live with me and work for me for Six months, and I am to pay him 10£ Lawful money.  Old Mr. Charles Rice and Lt. Bruce here, to whom, one after the other, I read my Account of the Captivity of the Rice’s, and they testifyed to the Truth thereof.  At Eve Mr. Daniel Forbes was here, and is very earnest against a Contribution for Mr. Mellen.  I answered that he should have objected before.  It was now too late.  He Said he knew it.  I told him I had taken every Step that is fit in Such Cases.  He reply’d that he did not pretend to lay any Blame on me.  I added that He was much to blame.  He answered that he knew it, and was Sorry.  Yet must have some thing done to prevent it, because Such a Multitude were against it.  I told him that no Soul had been here to object.  He wondered at it; he thought every Thing was So plain against it that he took it for granted there would be none.  I rejoined that all was on the Contrary with me: and if there were so many against it, they Should let me know it.  I must know their minds by Fast forenoon: Seasonably to Speak to the Congregation at noon.  He Said I should know seasonably.