February 26, 1769

1769 February 26 (Sunday).  Preached a.m. on Eph. 4.30, first Clause.  Richard Dunham desired to give Thanks in the Assembly.  I took him home to Dinner and invited to come here after Meeting.  P.M. though my forenoon discourse was (as to the preparation) longer than ordinary, yet I did not divide it, but was minded to finish that Subject in this one Exercise more.  Yet it took up such Time as I had (consistent with my other Employments) to compose my preparation in so that My Second Exercise was on Rom. 13.14, latter part.  Dunham was here with us at Evening.  Deacon Wood also came and brought with him Neighbour Zebulun Rice.  Dunham lodges again at Deacon Woods.  May God be gracious to the poor Man and grant him spiritual Deliverance!