February 15, 1769

1769 February 15 (Wednesday).  I was at Mr. Sumners at Breakfast, but we all dined at Mrs. Cushings.  We then rode to Northborough, and another Sleigh full of them (Mr. Sumner and Wife, Mrs. Cushing and Daughter and Grand Daughter) accompanyed us to Mrs. Martyns.  Mrs. Parkman was come over in my Sleigh to Meet me, and was gone over to Mr. Whitneys.  I went there also and drank Tea there.  N.B. Mr. Sumner and wife and Mrs. Cushing had designed this Day to have made me a Visit upon an Errand to Me from Mr. John Cushing, which now they delivered, both to me and my wife, as far as was needfull; relative to my Daughter Sarah.  We returned home at Eve, safely.  D.G.  N.B. Am informed that Mr. Green and Mrs. Cotton from Hopkinton came to our House yesterday, lodged here, and to Day carryed Miss Patty Clark home, and Breck and Sarah are gone to Hopkinton with them.