February 1, 1769

1769 February 1 (Wednesday).  Squire Campbel from Oxford calls at the Door, and informs me that my Daughter Sarah is Sick there, of the Throat-Distemper.  Was taken last Friday, but is not now very bad.  P.M. Mr. Ebenezer Lilly of Dudley brings me two Letters from Mr. Bowman — one writ yesterday, the other to day, concerning Sarah and that ‘tis hoped she is better.  Thanks be to God for His great Goodness!  By this Mr. Lilly I send a Bundle, of shirts etc., to Samuel and a Letter to Mr. Holbrook, being very desirous to know how he does, and where he is.  But My News Papers are brought, and inform me that he dyed last Friday; and he was, I suppose, buryed yesterday.  May I make a good use of this providence and prepare to follow!  The Lord pity His bereaved Handmaid, Support, and carry her through these very sore Tryals.  When John returns at Eve, from School, he relates Some Sad Occurrences which may prevent his going to Mr. Jameson again.  Lt. Baker has Sent us poor Wood — Birch, pine, old rotten Maple and Ash; and now have but little of that, when a great Storm of Snow comes, and proves some what deep and difficult.