September 7, 1768

1768 September 7 (Wednesday).  The Church met at Mr. Perrys.  Council was formed.  Mr. Perk. Moderator and prayed.  Mr. Williams of Sandwich Scribe.  Found the Steps the Church and Town had taken preparatory were regular.  Deacon Foster desired Mr. Moore might be examined.  He was briefly, but exhibited a Confession which was read and voted satisfactory both by the Church and the Council.  Rev. Roland Thatcher opened the public Solemnity with prayer.  Mr. Adams of Roxbury preached on 2 Cor. 1.5.  The Moderator gave the solemn Charge; I gave the Right Hand.  Went in to See Venerable old Mr. Ruggles who is in his 83d Year.  Entertainment at Mr. Perrys and at Squire Ruggles’s.  Lodged again at Mr. Perrys, and every Night that I continued in Rochester.