September 1, 1768

1768 September 1 (Thursday).  Mr. Whipple and his son, and Mr. Batheric come to work but are sadly hindered by having the Principals to raise, and are yet more for want of Boards fit for the Gable End — Mr. Nurse, who was to provide white Pine Boards, not coming with them.  Nay I understand he is not So much as returned from his Journey in which he went to trade for them.  So far is he from bringing them here, that he is not so much as gone for them.  The work men break off a.m. and went home.  However I perswaded them to stay and dine.  P.M. borrowed Mr. Nurse’s Horse and rode to Mr. Amasa Maynards and agreed with him for some Boards, and John goes with a Team for them — brings 600, at 20/.  Though I have already provided Nails for my Building, yet Mrs. P________ sends me by Mr. Joseph Green junior a large Quantity of both Board and shingle Nails.