August 1, 1768

1768 August 1 (Monday).  Alexander Stimson and my Son John, with Mr. Thaddeus War[illegible] go to my Maynard swamp to mowe.  I went to carry ‘em their Dinner; but John has cut himself with his scyth and taken off part of the Ball of one of his great Toes.  Was at Mr. David Maynards and at Mr. Pratts, by reason of the Rain.  Read Dr. Burnets Theory Vol. 2, Book 3, Ch. 12, and am much impressed with it.  May God grant the Impressions may be yet Stronger, and abiding!  O how Stupid the world, but especially I my self am, though Such vast, awful and terrible Things are coming; and all Earthly Things are so empty and so transitory.  Ruth Bellows Lodges here.