June 1, 1768

1768 June 1 (Wednesday).  Billy (having bought him an Horse and which he rode upon here) carrys upon him the Tire which Beeton has made; with Sufficient Nails to fasten it on with.  He also drives my Oxen before him, to Ashby.  I have lately borrowed of Mr. Gibbs the Painter at Boston, The secrets of the invisible World disclosed, by Andrew Moreton Esq. which I am reading.  Alexander returns from Boston with Mr. Grouts Horse.  He found him at Chelsey; Samuel when he went for him, took a wrong Horse.  I rejoice Alexander has Succeeded.  D.G.

June 6, 1768

1768 June 6 (Monday).  Ebenezer goes early to Watertown, his Brother Harrington and Stearns or Bond being about to go to Nottingham about their Interest in Lands there.  Richard Temple works here, with Alexander and John.  P.M. I visit Mr. Daniel Miller, who is languishing; and pray with him.  N.B. Carryed Daughter Baldwin as far as Mr. Tainters.

June 8, 1768

1768 June 8 (Wednesday).  Mr. Stone and Mr. Whitney of Northborough dined here.  The former preached my Lecture from Isa. 59.2, “Your Iniquities have Separated.”  May God bless it to us for our Saving Good!  Dr. Crosby here.  He invites me and my Wife, to his House next Tuesday, before noon, to meet Mr. Sumner and his Wife there.

June 9, 1768

1768 June 9 (Thursday).  Mrs. Eleoner Williams here.  In reckoning I find I owe her 40/ old Tenor.  She asks not only for a Note for that, but for the further sum of 68/11, and to gratifie her, and She promising to see that I be soon paid, I did it.  N.B. 24 lbs. and 1/2 of Cheese brought up from Mr. Goddards of Weston.  N.B. Mr. John Maynard paid for it, and upon my receiving the Cheese I paid him, viz. one Dollar and half.  Ebenezer returns from Watertown — and tells me his Brother Jonas Bond is to go to Nottingham, or Exeter etc., next Week.

June 12, 1768

1768 June 12 (Sunday).  Read Jer. 23.  Preached on 1 Tim. 3.16.  Administered the Lords Supper.  Capt. Jamison, Mrs. Maynard, Elizabeth Beels dined here.  P.M. read Act. 24.  Preached on Heb. 13.3.  Had a Contribution for Mr. Joseph Sherman.  And because of its being Such a snare to Send an Hat along the Gallery seats among the Boys (which have not behaved well at such a Time), I thought it best to alter our Custom and recommended to them to walk down and go round as formerly was the Custom of this People and all others that I knew of.  But there were only a few that Complyed; and doubtless the Contribution was the more Slender on that Account.  I had said also to the Congregation that I was informed that some had been so indecent to put in what they Should not; and there was reason to fear some had taken out.

June 13, 1768

1768 June 13 (Monday).  Went to Capt. Maynards to talk with him about Mr. Maynards Hobbamockaw Swamp.  In Returning home, called at Mr. Ebenezer Maynards but he was not at home.  P.M. Mr. Maynard came here and he tells me he will take £600 old Tenor.  N.B. Mr. Biglow was here and makes up with me, for last Years sallery and Support.  So that I give him a Receipt in full.  N.B. Mr. Baker borrows of me 50£ and gives me his promissory Note.  Then I went to see Mr. Barachias Morse who is sick.  I prayed with him.  N.B. There has been disquietment among several people that I altered the Custom of the Contribution and admonished the Rude Boys who had behaved indecently at a former Contribution.  Particularly Mr. Benjamin Tainter appeared very Angry.

June 14, 1768

1768 June 14 (Tuesday).  Though it rained in the Morn, yet Mrs. P________ and I rode (as we had been invited) to Dr. Crosbys.  Mr. Sumner and his Wife were there; and we dined [plentifully there?].  Called at Mr. Knowltons [illegible] [Fay’s].  When I returned home, Mr. Timothy Warrin here, and Shewed himself disturbed at Our — but especially at my Conducting the late Contribution.  At Eve Deacon Wood came and we counted the Money — found it to be £20.11.7.  Which may God please graciously to accept and bless to him for what has been gathered and pardon what was amiss!

June 16, 1768

1768 June 16 (Thursday).  The proposal had been that Lucy Should go to Nantucket for the recovery of her Health; that Mr. Roger Bruce should go to take Care of her, but Mr. Baldwin goes himself.  They have Dr. Hawes’s Chaise.  I wrote by them to Caleb Bunker Esq.  P.M. Visit old Mr. How who is very ill.  Prayed with him.  Called at Mr. Ebenezer Maynards.  Go with him to see the Bounds of the Swamp and Meadow which he wants to sell me.  His Brother David with us.  I am much discouraged when I see how poor the Grass of Some Parts of it are.  But I venture to buy it of him for £600 O.T. as he has offered it.

June 18, 1768

1768 June 18 (Saturday).  Cousen Maynard is in travail and Sends for her Aunt, who goes to her.  My Sophy ill.  A Sorrowful Season, by Reason of Cold and Rain.  Much of the Seed planted doth not come up, and what is come up does not grow.  May God extend Pity!  Almost daily Accounts from Boston of great Disquietments and that sometimes there are tumultuous gatherings of people there, against the Commissioners of the Customs.

June 19, 1768

1768 June 19 (Sunday).  Read Jer. 24.  Preached on 1 Tim. 3.16, “Seen of Angels.”  P.M. read Act. 25, and on Consideration of the Troubles and Tumults at Boston, and sorrowful state of our public Affairs, and likewise the unseasonable weather, repeated (with many Omissions and Alterations indeed) Sermon on Isa. 9.12.13.  My old Neighbour Hezekiah How dyed about 10 o’Clock this forenoon.  May god Sanctify it to me!  and to those he has left behind!

June 20, 1768

1768 June 20 (Monday).  Visit Mr. Daniel Miller and pray with him.  Dine at the Widow Kendals.  Visit at a New Comer’s Mr. Enoch Cook, but the man was not at home — at Francis Pierce’s — proceed to Mr. Barachias Morse’s and pray with him — hasten to see Mrs. Belknap who is very low — to get over there, I rode through the River, piloted by the Widow Parker, who was so kind as to shew me the way.

June 22, 1768

1768 June 22 (Wednesday).  I delivered £100 to Mr. Ebenezer Maynard Old Tenor as part of pay for his swamp.  Went over to Northborough Lecture.  Dined at Mr. Whitneys.  Mr. Belcher Hancock there.  Messrs. Morse and Sumner also.  I preached on Joh. 6.35, “I am the living Bread.”  Mr. Morse prayed before sermon.  Returned home at Eve.  N.B. The News is very sorrowful from England.  A direct Answer being demanded whether we will comply with the Acts of Parliament concerning our Trade and the Customs.

June 23, 1768

1768 June 23 (Thursday).  Mr. Hancock calls to see me, and dines here.  P.M. he goes to Hopkinton.  Messrs. David and Ebenezer Maynard come to see how far I will agree respecting Davids and his Heirs etc. carting Hay through the swamp which I am buying of Ebenezer.  I consent for abatement of £7.10.0 Old Tenor if they pass only through 20 Rods at the NW Corner.  N.B. Received a Letter from Mr. Holbrook at Dedham.

June 25, 1768

1768 June 25 (Saturday).  I rode to Southborough.  In my Way called at Mr. Andrews’s.  They treated me with Civility.  I made a Visit to Mrs. Bulah Bent and her Brother and Sister, now first since the Death of their Mother.  Mr. Stone tells me from Mr. Smith that Mr. Wigglesworth, Chandler etc., are disquieted that I have admitted Mrs. Andrews.  I therefore Shewed him (Mr. Stone) the Vote we passed in our Church.  Mr. Stone rides to Westborough.  Miss Huldah arrives from Yarmouth.  N.B. Deacon Wood had a Son born this Morning.

June 26, 1768

1768 June 26 (Sunday).  I preached at Southborough on Rev. 16.15 a. and p.m. and wish divine Blessing!  Returned home at Eve.  Mr. Stone had preached here, on Job 7.16, “I would not live always.”  Mr. Steward, who came to Westborough last Evening, preached p.m. on Eccl. 9.10, “Whatsoever thy Hand findeth to do, do it with thy Might”; etc.

June 27, 1768

1768 June 27 (Monday).  Went over to Mr. Ebenezer Maynard and with him to Capt. Maynards.  I gave Mr. Maynard my Note for what remains further of the price of the Swamp, viz. For £13.6.8 to be paid Dec. [25?] next; and for £53.6.8 (both sums Lawfull Money) upon Demand and Capt. Maynard promised to See to the fulfillment.  Upon which he gave me a Deed of the Land.  Capt. Maynard relates Somewhat of the Transactions and proceedings of the General Court last week, and that now the important Affair of our Privileges is [depending?].  For by Letters from England the Court are required to rescind what the last House did with regard to the other Colonies, and in Case they refuse, to dissolve the House.  The Day is dark, but the Heavens do rule.  P.M. 5 o’Clock Alexander and Suse Set out for Ashby and have Hannah with them.  They design to reach Lancaster this Eve.

June 29, 1768

1768 June 29 (Wednesday).  I rode to Marlborough Lecture and preached on 1 Cor. 11.20, latter part.  Mr. Stone and Mr. Steward there.  We dined there together.  N.B. Mr. Smiths and Mr. Stones Dissatisfaction with my Admitting Mrs. Andrews into our Communion, She being still a Member of Chebacco Church or Society.  Returning at Even I called at Capt. Jonas Brigham’s.  He was not at home, but his Wife received my Visit kindly.  When I came home behold!  my son and Daughter Baldwin were returned from Nantucket, having a very agreeable Journey and Voiage.  For which may God have Glory.  They tell me they have been very kindly treated by divers very affectionate Kinsfolk there, particularly Caleb Bunker Esq. and a Widow Starbuck whose maiden name was Stretton, the Daughter of William Stretton.  Cicero de Senectute translated by Logan lent me by Mr. Steward.

June 30, 1768

1768 June 30 (Thursday).  My Son Baldwin leaves his wife here, but himself returns home to Brookfield.  Mr. Peter Green waits on Miss Patty Clark hither.  They dine — drink Tea — and return.  Capt. Townshend of Hopkinton with a Lad, William Gibbs, buys a Bushel of Rye and pays me for it.  They also both dine here.  At Eve came Deacon Wood, and talks with me upon his Case, and he desires to take some Time to Consider of what I have said.