May 4, 1768

1768 May 4 (Wednesday).  William takes away his White Cow and her Calf.  John goes with him, and they drive before them my Nurse Cow and two yearlings to summer at Ashby.  My wife and I attend the Funeral of Mr. Temple’s Child, and thence to Mr. Whitneys at Northborough who brings home his Wife.  Only Mr. Morse and I (with our Wives) of the Neighbouring Ministers at Dinner.  Mr. Sumner came p.m.  Mr. Cummings of Billerica and his Wife, with other Relatives, came with them.  An handsome Entertainment made by many people; and many of them Wait upon us there.  We sang Ps. 115, latter part.  Returned at Eve.  N.B. I send per Mrs. Wood £53.18.0 to Mr. Joseph Stratton of Waltham which I received of my son William and for him.