April 6, 1768

1768 April 6 (Wednesday).  Mr. Maccarty better Still, through divine Goodness — and leave him with much satisfaction in my Visit.  Call at Coll. Putnams and consult him, especially on the Nature and Benefit of Mortgages: expecting to assist Alexander to Day in his trading with Mr. Conant.  Call at Justice Brewers to see him, as he lies in a very low, languishing Condition.  Pray with him, and hasten to Coll. Larnards, where I dined — then to Mr. Conants, where Alex was, and expected to proceed in our Affair, So formally agreed upon.  But Mrs. Conant had started, and was set against the Bargain — nor was she, by any means, to be perswaded to give her Consent or sign a Deed.  Her Brother Mr. Joseph Edwards came and used his Endeavours but in Vain.  N.B. old Dr. Burnet there.  Capt. Maynard came that he might be security for, or provide me the present payment.  He goes home with Mr. Ebenezer Lock.  My son and I lodge at Mr. Conants — without doing any Thing.