March 31, 1768

1768 March 31 (Thursday).  Make and write and Sign, an Agreement with Mr. Conant for his Mill, Tools, Farm and Apprentice, John Millen, in behalf of my son Alexander.  Esq. Henshaw informs that Mr. Maccarty was yesterday taken with a Fit etc.  Dine at Mr. Bowmans.  Visit and drink Tea at Mr. Halls — his Daughter Lucy very ill.  Return at Evening.  My Mare stumbled and threw me just by my House — but received only Slight Hurt, through divine Goodness; Mr. Brown with me.  In the Business and Journey of the Day, Mr. Brown accompanys me.  He Says the mortgaging the Premises was what he had thought of and was designing to advise to and recommend for Conants security.  He lodges here.  How manifold the divine Mercys!  How exciting to Gratitude, praise and Obedience!