March 25, 1768

1768 March 25 (Friday).  I am much employed upon the great Mystery of the Trinity — the importance of it, and Necessity of believing it: consulting various Authors upon it — but confess I make but too little way a Head.  May the Lord open it to me!  At Eve Mr. Edmund Chamberlain and his wife here to talk with me; but they came too late and when it was a great Interruption to me — but I gave way to it, and attended upon ‘em awhile.  Mr. Forbes came from Brookfield and lodged here.  Mr. John Wood brought me 2 1/4 Yards of blue broad Cloth from Samuel which I buy of Mr. Forbes, and take it for Money delivered him ([or which he received?]) for my son Ebenezer, a year agoe, per Capt. Maynard — at 5£ old Tenor per yard.  Mr. Wood brought also a Letter from Mr. Holbrook informing me that he was grown better.