March 22, 1768

1768 March 22 (Tuesday).  Mr. Joseph Willard dines with us: tells me they have called him at Bedford.  I visited aged Deacon Forbes: found him more Comfortable in his Mind: thinks he has good ground to hope he has Interest in Christ, and that his foundation is Sure.  I prayed with him; and he told me he could attend — but he is now extremely worn away: his Dissolution is surely nigh.  I visited also Mrs. Wheelock, who is in a great Affliction by a bad Breast — which was lanced to Day.  Mr. Hutchinson (though he calls not at our House) was there.  Said something to him of his Reply to Mr. Tucker — viz., his mixing what was sarcastical and Jocose or ludicrous with what is Spiritual and sublime.  He seems not to be willing to take it.