March 20, 1768

1768 March 20 (Sunday).  Storm of Snow.  Deacon Wood Sends before Meeting to know whether I will put by the Sacrament.  I choose to know the Mind of the Church.  When I went to Meeting, there were but few Members.  Brother Chamberlain advised that we begin, and we might judge better after prayer.  I complyed.  After Prayer and Singing (having omitted Reading) I addressed the Church, and observed to them that there being so many present, both of men and Women, and they having taken such pains to come expecting the Administration, I conceived it would not be best to disappoint them and therefore, without further Difficulty, should proceed.  I preached on 1 Tim. 3.16, former part.  Mrs. Andrews at Meeting and at Communion.  I directed Mrs. P________ to invite her to Dinner, especially as it was Such a Storm.  She did, and She accordingly came.  I asked Capt. Brigham to go to my House.  So did my Wife, but he came not.  Master Goddard dined here.  He preached p.m. on Isa. 55.7.  May God graciously accept our Offerings, and bless His Word to us!