March 14, 1768

1768 March 14 (Monday).  A.M. visit Deacon Forbes and pray with him.  P.M. Mr. Seth Morse, the Captain Sends for me to pray with his Artillery-Company nigh the Meeting-House.  Am escorted by Drums, Serjeants and a Number of Musketeers.  It was very Cold, and I invited in to my House Lieutenants John and Michael Martyn.  And here were Master Goddard, Capt. Williams of Northborough etc.  N.B. Mr. Goddard at Eve tells me he was at Mr. Andrews’s when the Deacons of the Church went there with the Churchs vote and he heard them read it to Mr. Andrews, and her Answer by which he understood that She accepted it as I had expressed — namely that She was to be admitted as a professor in General and not as a Member of one particular Church nor another.