December 31, 1767

1767 December 31 (Thursday).  Exceeding Cold.  Spent the Day as I could in abstinence and Devotional Exercises; in Reflections on the Year past; in Humiliations and reading such passages of the Sacred Scriptures as were proper, and Mr. How on Phil. 1.23 and also Dr. Jer. Taylors Contemplations.  May the Lord Pity, Pardon and Accept through the alone Mediator, Jesus Christ!  At night came Mr. Daniel Nurse with News Papers etc. from Boston; but the Cold so severe he is almost froze.  But now thus closes up this Year also!  O that I might be found ready for that all-important Day, and that most weighty Moment, when this frail Life shall Close!  And then, instead of these Revolutions, instead of a New Year’s succeeding; Eternity, boundless Eternity, Shall succeed!