December 29, 1767

1767 December 29 (Tuesday).  Mr. Edward Goddard begins to keep School.  Lodged at Mr. Andrews’s.  Though it was Cold I sat out to make some needful Visits.  Visit Lt. Thomas Forbush, who expressed his Desire that there might be no more Meetings upon Mrs. A’s Affair.  Call’d at Mr. Bathericks, but he not being at home, told his Wife of the designed Meeting tonight etc.  Visit Mr. Parker and wife under their sore Bereavement.  Called at Mr. Beetons, but did not light.  Dined at Capt. Maynards — but he was gone to Boston.  P.M. Called at Mr. David Maynards to see whether he designed to come to night; and found he was determined to.  Visit Mr. Solomon Baker in his sorrows.  Was at Squire Whipple’s, and his Brother Edwards’s.  Called at Lieutenant Bakers and Deacon Woods.  At Eve came Mr. Daniel Forb., Capt. B. Fay, Capt. Brigham and Mr. Gale.  And 7 Brethren that I had desired — viz. the Squire and Deacon, Messrs. Maynard, Whipple, Batherick, Joseph Baker, and John Wood.  The Conversation was chiefly about Mr. Cleaveland and his people.  They in Vindication.  I with the other Brethren on the Contrary, and shewing from his Book that some Number of Churches in that Neighbourhood disowned them — that therefore We at this Distance may with great Reason suspect they are not right; and since we have also had the Testimony of so many Ministers from those parts, against them, may with good Ground, wave admitting any Member of theirs, here, to Communion with us.  Capt. Brigham mentioned my having beat up a Challenge at the Close of the last Church Meeting.  I answered I did not know what he meant by beating up a Challenge — but this I did then, and would now make this offer, that if any of them, or any body else, had any Thing to lay to my Charge, I was ready to answer it; and I did repeatedly challenge, and demand it.  But there was no thing alleged, nor pretended to be mentioned, there upon, that I remember; although there was much Debate of innumerable Things relative to the Platform and Members breaking Order etc.  However, the Evening was Spent without shewing what was their particular aim in having this Conference — but it seemed to be in general to Manifest uneasiness at what had been done; and their Desire that the Church would still do something or other.  Thus they broke up, and Seven went off — but Capt. Brigham and Mr. Gale tarried for a Copy of the Vote at the late Church Meeting, to reconsider etc., which they wanted in order to their getting those Copys which Mr. A. has.  With these Brethren tarried also Mr. Daniel Forb. and Mr. Batherick.  This tarrying gave new Opportunity for them to break forth anew, and insisted upon my consenting to another Church Meeting and to put the Vote whether the Woman Shall have leave to Come or no.  I expostulated.  It did but enrage.  I told ‘em at length that I would consider of it.  Thus we finished this troublesome Conversation.  But O that God would pardon us for His Name’s Sake!