December 28, 1767

1767 December 28 (Monday).  Capt. Jamison here p.m. and drinks Labrador Tea with us.  At Eve expected Mr. Daniel Forbes and Several others, but they came not:  neither did any Word come to me from him why he did not come, till it was well nigh ten o’Clock, and my Brethren that I had asked to come, and had come (viz. Mr. Edwards Whipple and Lt. Baker) had left me.  But when I had come up and was going to sup and to Bed, came Cornet Brigham to bear me this Message, that though they had not come to night, yet that they designed to come tomorrow night.  I was troubled at their having thus dealt with me — but submitted.  But presently, late as it was, came in Capt. Brigham and Mr. Gale; Mr. Andrews also was with them.  May god be gracious to me, and enable me to conduct with Meekness and Wisdom through all!