December 21, 1767

1767 December 21 (Monday).  The Town Met, and one Article was to consider a Paper which the Select Men have received from the Select Men of the Town of Boston, with their late Votes respecting the necessity of preventing the unnecessary Importations from Great Britain, and recommending our own Manufactures, Oeconomy, Industry and Frugality etc.  As it was very Cold many of the Inhabitants came in here, and Shewing me what their Business was, the select men, Town Clerk, Constable and others requested me to draw up what was proper for them to Vote in Complyance with what they had received.  This therefore I did and when they repaired to the Meeting House, they readily and unanimously approved of [as?] I Suppose voted to be sent to Boston.  I am entertained with Several Things in my Reading, viz. famous Mr. Rutherfords Letters — London Magazine.