December 10, 1767

1767 December 10 (Thursday).  Before Day Billy etc. set out for Ashby.  Mrs. Mor[se?] sends for me to visit her Child that is Sick of the Throat Distemper.  Went — dined there — the Doctors, Wilson and Hawes there.  We prayed together, the Child being very ill.  The Father is gone to Marblehead.  No body moves for a Fast.  I therefore spent the chief part of the Day in Exercises of Humiliation and supplication since we are under such awful Tokens of the divine Displeasure, both by the Mortal sickness and the grievous Dissentions among us.  O that we might have some proper Awakening sense of our sins and of Gods holy Judgment!  At Eve John and Richard bring an Hive of Bees which Mr. Parker makes me a present of.