November 29, 1767

1767 November 29 (Sunday).  Read Jer. 10.  Preached on Prov. 23.26.  May God be graciously pleased to add His special Blessing!  Mr. William Nurse’s Wife, and Mrs. Maynard dined here.  P.M. by Reason of the work before us, and the Shortness of the Day, was obliged to omitt Reading.  Preached on 2 Pet. 1.3.  Go on with the Improvement of the Subject of last Sabbath p.m. from Rom. 8.23 from p. 46 to 52.  We had a Contribution for Mrs. Judith Bellows.  Mr. Solomon Bakers youngest Daughter being very bad in the forenoon, of the Throat Distemper, at noon came here for some Wine and desired that I would go over there at Evening.  But after Meeting received a Message from him that the Child was Dead.  It was taken ill but last Thursday.  So swift the Dispatch!