November 26, 1767

1767 November 26 (Thursday).  John abroad again.  He fetches half a Quarter of sugar which John Maynard has brought up for Me from Boston.  Am grievously exercised with Pain in my Back, by a Cold I have taken — but especially I was taken with a Pain in my Breast, about noon, which for a little space was very strong, and I was obliged to knock for help.  It pleased God to relieve me after a little While, to my great Joy.  To His Name be Glory.  Am taken up pritty much with Variety of Papers from England, as well as our own News Prints.  Divers of them sent me by Mr. Moore and Mr. Mein.  I write to Mr. Mein, to Samuel and to Mr. McAlpine, by Lt. Baker, who with Mr. Jamison, goes to Boston.  Payd John £4 for his two sheep which I have sold to Lt. Baker; and John trades with Jonas Kenny for two and a Lamb to be received next Fall, but Mr. Moses Nurse gives the Note to Me of what John is to receive for his money.