November 20, 1767

1767 November 20 (Friday).  Neighbour Jonathan Hows Wife and Children, and Grace Lock who lives with them being ill, as I apprehended from his Discourse with me, and his repeated Desire that I would go to see them, I made them a Visit — but found them much better than I expected.  At their Request I prayed with them.  Was also at Mr. Beetons to see Thomas who had a bad night, but was better this morning.  Dined at home, but p.m. abroad again, and my Wife with me to attend upon the Funeral of Pierpont Parker.  A wide Breach — 3 out of 5 in so few Dayes!  The Lord support my poor distressed Neighbours and teach them true gracious submission and Resignation.  My Daughters, at my Return from the Burial, acquaint Me that Mr. Jonah Warren has been here, and informed of the uncommon Conduct of one McC____ll____ch of U______n towards his Wife, Children — and Dog.  If it be true, is very shocking: and one might earnestly wish it might be duely Enquired into and if found to be true, properly punished.  Tis reported at Evening that Squire Whipple has sent him to Goal.