November 9, 1767

1767 November 9 (Monday).  Between 3 and 4 o’Clock in the Morning, came Mr. Thomas Frost and called me up to go to Mr. Parker, for it was feared that little Harvey was dying.  I arose and went — the Child was sensible — I prayed — returned about Break of day.  Attended Winslows Burial, and before that Time Harvey dyed.  P.M. adjournment of Town Meeting.  They refuse to grant money for a legal School.  A Sad Spirit prevails, against Government, Ministry, Learning.  Some are so bent upon finding Fault, that my going into the meeting House at Northborough Ordination has given great Displeasure; and this was because upon hearing that the Gallerys gave way I declared that if it was so, I would not go in — and again said I would not go in (taking it as beforesaid) yet I sent in Lt. Martyn and others, to See how the Case verily was — which Shews the Matter was not absolutely determined — In the mean time, Rev. Mr. Whitney (who was to preach) was consulted.  He said he was not able to preach abroad.  Mr. Martyn, and others, returned and said they had examined the Timbers, Joists and the Supports — and declared they were safe and secure — that the Supporter which had given way, and was the Cause of the Alarm, was well fastened — and that the Report of the joists and the Beam, was not true — upon which I was hurried in; and the Throng pressed in — so that I was obliged to go in against my Inclination — committing the Matter to God, our Great Preserver!  So that I could not be charged with any unfairness in any of this Conduct, and it must be owing only to prejudice and ill will that Such fault is found with me for it.  May the Lord guard and help me under such unreasonable and injurious Treatment!  This is the last Day of Mr. Jamison’s School.