November 7, 1767

1767 November 7 (Saturday).  Mr. Ebenezer Maynard came to desire me to go to Mr. Parkers.  P.M. notwithstanding it was so great an interruption to my Studys, I went.  Little Winslow dyed in the morning, and Harvey grew worse.  I prayed — and hearing that Patty Beeton was ill, I went to see her, and found her very bad.  Her Throat much swelled and much Canker, So that She was greatly distressed.  I gave her Instruction and solemn Charge.  But they did not ask me to pray — The Man was hurryed in the shop, being near night and persons there who belonged to Upton with Team etc.  Did what I could to prepare my Self for the Sabbath — a very distressing Time to my Neighbours!  The Lord extend His Pity and Mercy towards us, and prepare us for His Sovereign Will!