November 4, 1767

1767 November 4 (Wednesday).  Ordination of Mr. Peter Whitney.  Mrs. P________ rode over with me.  Deacons Bond and Wood attended.  The Pastors, except Mr. Stone, and Delegates, met at Mrs. Martyns.  I was chose Moderator and prayed.  Mr. Smith was chose Scribe.  The Chief Debate in Council was, whether Mr. Whitneys Confession after it had been read among us, Should be read in public.  It was put to a Vote and there appeared 21 against, and 20 for.  So that it was not read.  The Concourse was so exceeding great that it was much feared the Meeting House was like to give way.  [Steps?] abroad proposed to be erected — but we ventured in.  Mr. Morse began with Prayer.  Mr. Whitney Preached a good sermon on Mat. 28.19.20.  The Charge with the Prayer preceding was my Part: Mr. Bridge of Chelmsford prayed after it.  Mr. Smith gave the Right Hand — and so ordered his speech as to receive Mr. Whitneys Return of the Right Hand to him.  This was wholly new to me.  Sang Ps. 122.  Mr. Morse sat the Tune.  Before the Blessing I spake to the people concerning the Props of the Gallerys — and concerning Conduct after the solemnity in public.  After supper Subscriptions for printing the sermon etc.  Capt. Clark and Miss Patty, Cousin Barrett, Mr. Moore, his sister Sarah and his Cousin Miss Ruth Moore, lodged here.  May God grant an happy Issue!  And may I retain, and have increased Impression upon my own Heart!